The History Behind

It all started from a college student with an ambition to open a startup business. He started diving into the culinary field, but unfortunately failed. Not long after that, he realized the potential of many footwear craftsmen in Bandung. There are many brands with great quality but fundamentally build without a focused concept. Grasping the chance, Joshua built good relations with many great footwear craftsmen, developed his own concept of footwear fashion and ensured  the best of product quality. In 2012, Maximall begun to received orders from all around Indonesia and building the brand while producing shoes for large brands in Bandung. In 2017, Joshua decided to enter the e-commerce market , changing his offline store into online store.

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Since 2009, the very first page of Maximall, we have envisioned the demand from million of Indonesians for quality footwear. At one point we realized that focusing in quality will not cut it for us, it is still a far reach from our dreams of being the top in this field. That is why we create, design, promote and deliver our products with maximum effort. We strive to achieve our goals, to conquer our problems, to accompany each and every steps our customers take. For the brave without fear of change, we invite you to be transformed together with Maximall, for the better and the best

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Tertarik untuk membeli produk ini,kan ? ini link toko nya mimin kasih

Cekidooott.. ..


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